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A guy named Jack who was a master at most urban sports is now something else but one day he needs some money really fast and found out about a group called Urban Street which gives money to skilled athletes and he joined it but soon learned a dark secret about them.....


The story would revolve around the character completing challanges with different things like skates, skateboards, etc. A free-form mode is also available to practice and polish your skills in the virtual world

Completed Aspects:

# Skating Free-Form mode
# Character Skin

# Proper Menu
# Story Mode and first passable level
# Story Mode and two passable level
# Added Rage of Dragons
# Boss name is set as Simmonne but I forgot to change it in First Cutscene
# Every Thing With “(WIP)” is work in progress
# Load/Save Function (Please don't post the code to other levels)
# Colony Buildings surrounding the Urban Street Park (Buildings are same because colony have same buildings, Right? )

Planned aspects:
# More things like skateboards, cycles, etc.
# Animated Skin
# More Levels
# Pause option


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Install instructions

This is a 7-zip file and you will need to download either WinRar or 7-zip to extract it. Next just run Urban Street.exe

Thank you for downloading and please review here

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